Live large, carry little

There’s a colossal shift in consumer behaviour.

Brands that haven’t caught up, risk the possibility of disconnecting with their audience.

This change isn’t sudden. It was first described almost twenty years ago in one of the most seminal economic articles of the last two decades. Yet now this prediction has exploded. The article in question? The Experience Economy.

Joseph Pine and James Gilmore penned the now legendary concept of The Experience Economy. They predicted a brave new world, where businesses would conceive a world of experiential touch-points in order to resonate and be valued by consumers. They also cemented the most significant global trends in marketing.

Today, the data backs their theory and turns it up a notch. A recent report produced by research consultancy Kantar highlights how consumerism is changing fundamentally. Characterised as a ‘Live Large-Carry Little’ ethos, the report underlines that consumers favour rich, meaningful experiences, free from excessive material goods.

Experience is everything.

Brands from across the spectrum are realising that in order to really engage far-reaching audiences, they need to create one-of-a-kind moments that match consumers everyday needs, interests and desires. Experiences that not only make consumers want to buy from brands but experiences that enable consumers to be a part of them.

The most innovatory and astute brands and retailers have refocused their businesses proposition. No longer are they just institutions offering products and services, they are the makers of cultural experiences. They capture the zeitgeist and design everything they do with an experiential dimension. Brands across industries including W Hotels, Hendricks Gin and Smeg know the importance of innovating and leading consumer’s ‘live-large’ ethos. Working with us at FullCircle, they have conceived experiences that will live in audiences minds long after the finish of the event.

Unlike a disposable product that can quickly be forgotten, truly imaginative experiences frame the entire consumer perception of what that brand means to them. At FullCircle, we are well-versed in knowing what makes a moment stand-out.

By producing retail environments, pop-up activations, immersive platforms, in-store communications, press days, large-scale installations, artworks, unique entertainment and talking-points. We turn brands into imaginative worlds. Ultimately, we enable brands to connect with their consumers by letting them live large, fulfilling lifestyles whilst carrying very little!

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