New to the team

Say hello to our latest team member, Cleo Powell, Entertainment Account Manager. We caught up with her:

What is your career background?

After graduating in Musical Theatre, I worked in commercial and promo modelling, and event entertainment (dance and singing). Through my event entertainment work I then went into the co-ordinating side of the event industry after having my son.

What are your greatest achievements to-date?

Career-wise, my solo performance at the Royal Festival Hall in 2016 was a fantastic experience and achievement. In my personal life, my son!

What excites you in your new role?

Settling in to a good routine with a great company and great people. Freelancing has been fun, but it will be great to build long-lasting relationships with colleagues, clients and acts.

What are your biggest interests/passions?

Song-writing and illustration

Tell us something no-one would know about you?

I’m double-jointed in my elbows. A very cool party trick for Halloween!

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