How have we seen award ceremonies evolve?


The team is continuously being challenged to create unique designs for clients based on event branding and varying budgets and venue spaces. Ben has seen a shift in stage design from standard black and white to sets inspired by cultural issues, for example, single-use plastics.

To achieve a vibrant atmosphere for an awards ceremony there must be a strong theme/brand that can be visualised by stage design, lighting, sound and decor. The combination of each of these aspects will draw attendees’ attention to the stage and engage them.

FullCircle use their expertise to consider venue restrictions, budget and sponsor exposure to produce bespoke designs.


A hot topic in events is how to produce an event that considers environmental, economic and social issues. This is a trend that is continuing to grow and it is essential to know how best to implement ways to make your events environmentally more friendly. At FullCircle, sustainability is at the forefront of our minds. Here are some steps we are taking to ‘go green’.

Paperless Production: Our on-site production teams use iPads to refer to kit lists, floor plans and designs. This is one of the easiest ways to make an impact.

Greener tech solutions: With the development in technology and increasing digital capabilities, there are lots of opportunities to save power and produce more sustainable events. Switching to LED lighting and using lower power efficiency systems are simple options to help minimise our footprint.

Re-use, recycle, re-imagine: Repurposing and up-cycling are top trends right now. It is important to consider a stage or set design that has longevity and the ability to be re-imagined for future events.

FullCircle are on hand to help you create a more sustainable event.

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