Unwind From The Grind : Issue 001

Personalities can get lost among the extensive screen time of an office environment, yet as event specialists and suppliers we work in one of the most interactive industries in the world. So, here in the FullCircle office we strive to maintain our strong social culture with coffee-break moments of anything and everything from jokes to debates – and we thought, well why not share these colourful character moments!

Go on, pop the kettle on and catch up with the FC team on the latest office tales and tomfoolery – we all need to unwind from the grind…


Miracles and Monday’s off – We love Easter!

There’s a fresh and renewing theme of enquiries around this season for events, with the inner-child coming out to play with pick ‘n’ mix stands, vibrant decor and lol-worthy stage acts. Plus, Easter-Egg Hunts of course!

The new season has put a spring in our step here in the FC office and we are loving the sunshine (well, in-between the chilly rain. Great Britain: never fails to disappoint…), so among the very grown-up Brexit-Brewing mood of the nation, we’re taking the time for some light-hearted laughs and sweet treats.


If You Were A Chocolate, What Would You Be?

With the classic past-time of exchanging over-sized chocolate eggs at the forefront of the holiday, the anticipation of whether we’ll end up with a triple-layer mega dome or one that is half-melted! Within the entertainment team, a convo of our favourite choc eventually evolved to…:


Daisy: A Crunchie.

Because when you bite into it, it is bloody lovely (is that a valid reason?). 



Sophie: A Penguin biscuit bar.

I tell the so-terrible-they’re-terrific jokes like they do on the back!


Philippa: A Curly Wurly because I like to be creative!

*Curly Wurly Philippurly!*


Cleo: Twix.

Smooth but not soft, a touch of a crunch to keep things exciting.

Also because it’s my absolutely favourite chocolate.

And I am my favourite person.



Rich: Marathon Bar.

It still feels like it’s the 90’s to me…



Max: An Eclair.

A hard shell with a soft centre wrapped inside a purple overcoat. 



Spring Style


It’s the perfect time to freshen up your surroundings, so we checked in with Amanda from the design team for her top tips on ‘Spring Style’!


Amanda: Neon mint is a refreshing colour that has enough of a pastel hint to bring Spring to mind in an instant. The brightness of the orange coral captivates people’s attention and keeps the look alluring and brings a touch of warmth to it. With a neutral grey tone, the whole combination is pulled together, by offering a balancing effect.




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