Unwind From The Grind : Issue 002

Personalities can get lost among the extensive screen time of an office environment, yet as event specialists and suppliers we work in one of the most interactive industries in the world. So, here in the FullCircle office we strive to maintain our strong social culture with coffee-break moments of anything and everything from jokes to debates – and we thought, well why not share these colourful character moments!

Go on, pop the kettle on and catch up with the FC team on the latest office tales and tomfoolery – we all need to unwind from the grind…


FullCircle Fest!


The festival bookings are starting to roll in for summertime – *Activates Defrost Mode*

The music, the tents, the water-logged wellies – typical British weather of random heat-waves breaking through heavy clouds has teased the FC team to imagine the pending peak season of sunshine, kick-starting the question of “Any festivals this year?” being thrown around the office.

Festivals are one of the biggest – and best – events in entertainment, so naturally we’re all buzzing with the topic!




With so many genres and themes to choose from across the season, we asked Evie our MD for her take on hosting her very own festival.

Fest-Evie-al..? Sorry….

Where would the masses be flocking to for your festival?

“The Philippines, sun, sea and the clearest waters you will ever see!”


Amazingly animalistic? Fabulously futuristic? Does your festival have a particular theme?

“Laid back island vibes; surfing, good music, coconut cocktails and delicious fresh food.”


In-between glitter face painting and charming loo cubicle adventures, what activities would be pulling the crowds in?

“Surfing, swimming, leaf weaving, cooking and cocktail making!”


Who would be getting the crowd going? Your pick of 2 x supporting acts:




And for the grand finale, your main stage act would be:

“Anne Marie – she has the perfect summertime tunes”




Festival-fanatic Sophie Hatton from the entertainment team graced the fields of Wilderness Festival with her glittering presence in August ‘18.


Related image


Showcasing her costume ideas in the office – a wedding dress even made an appearance at one point! – had us all eagerly anticipating eBay deliveries to see what she had in store next! We caught up with Sophie on her wild adventure:

Top bits:

“Seeing Niles Rogers and Chic headlining, playing the classics Le Freak and I’m Coming Out. Everyone was singing along and throwing their best disco moves. It was epic – also dressed up in a Club Weimar Berlin theme!”

“The human post box was another fave – You could write a postcard then a human postman/women would go and find you your desired recipient and pass on the message!”

“Having a dip in the Wilderness lake, cool and refreshing to shake off those morning hangovers! Very fitting when you look like a mermaid 😊”

The most fabulous hungover mermaid we’ve ever seen!


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