Unwind From The Grind : Issue 003

“I just want to thank…FullCircle…for giving me the perfect procrastination content…that inspired me…to put the kettle on.”

*And the crowd goes wild*



Awards and conference enquiries are upon us, a round of applause! Awards season is such a glamorous peak time in the events industry calendar, full of recognition, appreciation and indulgent praise. What’s not to love?! And conferences are huge events that range in activities and specialist talks, plus providing one of the ultimate perks of this job – goody bags and freebies!


It’s a time of inspiration, from the accomplished award-winners to the unbelievable life stories of successful key-speakers. So, when we weren’t too busy practising our acceptance speeches while clinging to desk-fan-shaped trophies here in the office, thoughts of talent and inspo came to mind and of course, we had to jazz it up…


And the winner is…


Ladies & Gentlemen, welcome to the Unwind From The Grind Awards.

Here we celebrate the skills and talents of our team… that has absolutely nothing to do with our professional work. And so, in order of irrelevance, our winners are:


Best promo accent/radio voice…Sophie Hatton

Most freestyled puns within working hours…Richard Joy

Best summertime ~lewks~ in the office…Megan Richmond

Most prestige connoisseur of supermarket cheese snacks…Chris Hughes


All winners want to thank their friends, family and Gods*.



A round of applause for Chris Hughes…


The key to any successful speaker is to inspire their audience. We asked Chris in production about their ‘Ultimate Inspiration’.


One. Who inspires you the most? 

My Dad

Two. Why? 

He is a baller

Three. If you were booked as a Key Speaker, what would you talk about to inspire others? 

Paramedics and front line emergency services

Four. If you were the host of a panel debate, who would you have on the team? 

Churchill, Barack Obama and Ruth Davidson

Five. What would be your topic for debate and why? 

Societal discrimination and social inequality. Would be fascinating to bring opinions together from different eras and perspectives

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