Unwind From The Grind : Issue 005

That Mid-Year Magic


The longest day of the year has officially passed – charged up chakras at Stonehenge and all that, of course – and so the summer solstice marks the mid-way point of the year!

We could finally catch our breath in the new year with Christmas season recovery, then it was straight into summer prep throughout Spring. Now with the summer season in full throttle, it’s left us all wondering where the heck did these first six months go?! After surviving the haze of on-sites, checklists and vital coffee runs, we’ve suddenly recognised our calendars as actual records of timekeeping, rather than an adventurous map of deadlines and to-do’s. It’s July?!


HashtagGoals Achievements 


It’s a balancing time of reflection and realisation; the inspirational attitude at the start of the year is met with a dose of reality. The half-way point is a good place to be with positive perspectives either way – whether it’s a sense of fulfilment for achievements so far, or renewed focus for the remaining months ahead.


Were New Year’s resolutions put into action? Did that DIY project get finished? Or started? Have those expensive trainers from Christmas seen the gym yet? New hobbies, clutter clear-outs, adventures abroad – here in the office we’ve all shared our 2019 incentives, (whether achieved or ignored), so what better time to reflect and refocus while waiting for the kettle to boil.







A couple of weeks ago, Rich was the ultimate bestie, taking a totally secret trip over to Austria to surprise an old friend at his headline concert. “I unfurled a 10ft banner during his first song in front of a 300 strong German audience and managed to make him swear in English and German in surprise!! He then got me up on stage at the end to explain how we’d been to infant school, secondary and Uni together and regaled the audience with tales of our school day pranks.” 




Kelli – The Real MVP

Our very own part-time Olympian Kelli (well, if she wanted to be!) has bagged TWO MVP awards this year! …So far… *shades on*. Roller-Derby Queen! The MVP of the design team.  





Lucy Eco-licious 

I love that a general awareness of economic sustainability has developed in recent years with pioneering changes such as less plastic use and alternative fuel resources. As a vegan, it’s an on-going goal of mine to broaden my lifestyle choices of eco-friendly awareness.


From vegans to steak lovers – we’re all on board for doing our bit for a cleaner, better world! A bunch of us make full use of our refillable cups, mugs and jugs – and we highly recommend this eco-tastic change! Find water re-fill stations near you with this app: https://refill.org.uk/get-the-refill-app/ and take your refillable water on the go to save on plastic waste. 




Even the experts can still learn new things within their craft and having a passion to constantly develop is a superb quality to maintain. So, we’re all really proud of Philippa in entertainment who is taking a show caller course! Phil started as an intern at FC and after returning full time as an exec, she was promoted to account manager earlier this year! It’s clear to see how Phil’s mindset has contributed to her success and it’s inspirational stuff.

Show callers are experienced in interpreting a producers’ requirements to make sure everything happens at the right time on the night with maximum impact – an integral role for the smooth running of live events. – And perfect for Philippa who already excels with on-site organisation!

“It was recommended to me by a show caller we had at a previous event. Something I’m looking at getting more experience in/shadowing”


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