Lockdown Inspires World’s First International Convention of Silhouettists

A London based professional silhouette artist, noted for having worked
with the royals and celebrities such as Victoria Beckham, Dame Shirley
Bassey and fashion designer Paul Smith, was inspired by lockdown to
reach out via social media to create the inaugural convention of
international silhouettists.

Alison, who has depended on a full-time career cutting free hand
silhouette portraits at parties and events for over 20 years explained
how she turned a potential constraint into an opportunity for growth.

‘I decided that rather than becoming deflated by the isolation caused
by our current circumstances, why not utilise the tools at hand to
instead reach out further than our own borders and boost morale by
inviting silhouettists globally to unite in person online via a virtual
conferencing platform.’

Alison researched and contacted a selection of international
professional silhouettists from Instagram, LinkedIn and Facebook, and
what would normally have been five British silhouettists turned into
fifteen from across Europe and the United States.

By way of introduction, each artist sat in profile for five minutes
sharing how their love affair with silhouette cutting was first ignited,
while the rest of the group cut their silhouette live. The resulting 15
versions of each participant were then posted for the recipients to keep
as a memento from the historic gathering. Alison commented ‘It was
incredible to hear how each and every silhouettist’s story was
completely unique, no one had come to the profession from the same

During the Edwardian and Victorian eras, silhouette art was a common way
of quickly and cheaply documenting a person visually by cutting the
subject’s outline using simply a pair of scissors, black paper and a
keen eye as they were the ‘snapshot’ of the times before photography
took over.

Today, the profession of silhouette art has survived up to this point as
a niche novelty due to its’ suitability for being performed at live
events such as weddings, trade fairs and corporate parties. This year,
however, has put a bold full stop to that and now under lockdown, the
Zoom culture that has evolved offers an opportunity for that element of
surprise and wonder normally reserved for live events exclusively, to
live on remotely.

Once Covid restrictions lift Alison expects the trend for Zoom
experiences to continue. ‘We have found a new platform for our art and
it’s taking the world by storm!’

The convention was a huge success offering an invaluable sense of
fellowship. Each participant came away with a desire to repeat the
experience, perhaps as an annual event. Thanks to inspired creativity in
lockdown, a society has been formed and its members look forward to
uniting for future projects and connections!

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