Aerial Amy

Amy is an experienced and professional performer, specialising in Aerial Hoop and Straps.
Her skills also include Aerial Silks, Duo hoop, Dance and Choreography.

With over 10 years of performing experience, Amy incorporates her skills in gymnastics, dance and theatre, to create truly captivating Aerial performances.
Sassy and powerful, Amy has a strong commercial look and physique and exuberates elegance with her long lines and flexibility.

Amy is able to create bespoke acts specific to your event and her performances can be either purely visual for ambient settings or with narrative for set performances.
Amy can perform a 1 x 5 minute choreographed aerial routine or Hangabout/Meet and greet ambient sets of 2 x 15-20 minutes.

Amy Can perform –
-Solo or Duo Aerial Hoop
-Solo or Duo (synchronised) Aerial Silks
-Solo or Duo Straps
-Hangabout/Meet & Greet Aerial Hoop or Silks

  • Bullet Point Various performance times available
  • Bullet Point Rigging required

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