Out and About – Hybrid Activity

Let your participants choose their gameplay in our new ‘hybrid’ activity, Play Your Way. Whether participants are at home, in the office or out and about in their local area, this unique, flexible activity lets them choose the type of tasks they complete depending on their location and personal preference. The fun, creative tasks allow people to participate from the office or home, indoors or outdoors, in person or virtually – everyone can get involved!

The aim of the game is simple, score as many points as possible to reign supreme!

The first round has each team working together, whether in person or virtually, through a video call. Team members must put their heads together to solve a variety of cryptic tasks and puzzles.

Round 2 is made up of hands-on and creative photo and video tasks, for which each player can choose between an ‘Indoor Group’, ‘Indoor Solo’, ‘Outdoor Group’ or ‘Outdoor Solo’ task depending on their location and company. Each player will score points for their submission which will count towards their team’s final score.

The third and final round has players regrouping for a ‘Beat The Clock’ series of questions, where they must complete as many trivia questions as they can before the timer hits zero!

Our event facilitator will provide an entertaining wrap-up, presenting the best photos and videos from your event!

Smartphones and laptops not provided.

Time: Up to 90 minutes

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