Charming and highly skilled, the Balloon-a-Belles are a balloon twisting force to be reckoned with. From their delicate jewellery and bespoke costuming to their very own signature designs, they are guaranteed to bedazzle you with their brilliant balloons. Flamboyant and mischievous, the Inflate-a-Belles bring an exciting spectacle to any event, and leave a long lasting impression wherever they go!

The Balloon Boutique – In addition to the Balloon-a-Belles usual walkabout balloon modelling antics, they can provide their totally unique Pop up Balloon Boutique! The Balloon Boutique is perfect for injecting glamorous fun into corporate events, dinner parties, balls and weddings. The guests are made the stars for the night and will be wowed with the best balloons they have ever seen!
At this unique pop up balloon station, the Balloon-a-Belles adorn people in fabulous balloon couture creations, from extravagant Carmen Miranda style headdresses and Superhero hats to fantastic fascinators.

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