Beat A Maxx

Beat a Maxx began as an audio turntablist/scratch DJ winning numerous DJ competitions and working at various clubs and events up and down the country. Beat a Maxx’s vast amount of DJ’ing experience landed him work all over Europe performing a variety of sets within different types of music genres from dance, house, RnB, and hip-hop.

After many successful years as a DJ, in 2009 Beat a Maxx incorporated video into his sets and hasn’t looked back since. He now mixes up the biggest tunes along with clips from well known films and TV. Add in 3 live cameras and you have an ingenious mix of audio, video and live interaction that continues to captivate audiences all over the country.

Highlights include playing the main stage at Bestival and touring the U.S.A and Europe. He has also been regularly featured on BBC Radio and TV plus A listed on Kiss 100 with his unique mixes.

With a unique video DJ set up using state of the art technology and with his skill in mixing and scratching Beat a Maxx pushes video DJ’ing to the limit! He quite literally is the World’s BEST Video DJ.

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