Clay Time Workshop

A relaxing, tactile and fun workshop where guests design and create their own bespoke clay pot and “clay mate” character!

Our clay workshop is the perfect balance of mindfulness, from the calming and sensory experience of working with clay, and playful fun.

The activity includes everything needed including air dry clay, tools and a plant.

Hosted by our expert, guests will be guided through each step. First they will learn traditional potters’ slab building techniques to create their pot.

Then things get really creative and guests are encouraged to explore their silly side by forming their pot into a weird and wonderful character!

Each person will have the freedom to create their own design, with guidance from our tutor, so that the group can enjoy the shared experience of learning a new skill together while expressing themselves with their own personalised project.

This quirky and “wabi-sabi” approach makes this workshop suitable for all abilities, as the pot is supposed to be unique, not perfect!

Pots can then be left as they are, displayed with their plant inside, or we’ll advise on how to glaze or paint pots if guests would like to do so at a later date.

At the end of the activity, each guest will have a pot that is as unique as they are! They will also have the tools and skills to make more pots in the future if they would like to.

Event Includes: Expert host, kit containing instructions, air dry clay, tools and a plant

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