Book Binding – Virtual Workshop

Book binding is a wonderfully satisfying activity where guests learn to create something really useful with their hands.

Hosted by our expert in the virtual library, guests learn to bind their own hard back, single section, case bound notebook. Guests will be guided through each step from folding and cutting pages, stitching the book block together and encasing pages into decorative endpapers and covers.

We’ll post out kits in advance of the activity containing everything needed including coloured book cloths, decorative papers and tools.

At the end of the activity, guests will have made something they can really use. The books can be used as notebooks, diaries, sketchbooks or mindful gratitude journals, or can be given as beautiful handmade gifts.

We will also include instruction guides so that they can continue to explore their new-found book binding talents!

Participants: Up to 100

Lead Time: 2 Weeks

Duration: 1.5 hours

Event Includes: Expert host, Green screen virtual background, Posted kit containing book cloths, decorative papers, craft knife, cutting mat and book binding tools

Guests will need: Access to the Zoom platform, Space with a surface where they can look at their device while working on their project and Table covering, newspaper or similar to protect work surface

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