Brilliant Block Busters

Teams create their own films using classic Lego scenery, characters and props with this fantastic activity of endless creativity. From documentaries, to comedy sketches, adverts, short films, music videos and more, teams assign their roles and get to work with tripods, lighting and mics to create their block buster! With editing apps to add effects and music, teams have free range on their entire production and for a fun finale, movies are shown on our large screen before an awards ceremony with categories including best set design, best editing and best voice actors.


· Instructors and activity equipment

· Indoors only

· Participants 10 – 75

· Suggested Team Size 5-8 guests, even number of teams

· Duration 2.5 – 4 hours

Venue Requirements:

· 1 hours set up time

· 1 x table & chairs per team (depending on number of teams and chosen activities)

· 3 x trestle tables for equipment

· Access to 13 amp plug socket (extension leads provided)

  • Bullet Point Power required

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