Circus Workshops

Circus skills workshops are a fun way of getting a group of people to work, play and learn together. The circus skills workshops can be organised as a competitive event or directed more towards unity within a group. Sessions are structured for adult fun and learning. This makes them ideal for corporate events. Learning circus skills really seems to put everyone in a group, large or small on a level with each other. Circus skills can be learnt by everyone. Some will learn fast and others more slowly but we can all do it! For those who learn fast our workshop leaders have more than enough tricks to teach to keep them busy for a few years and for those who find tasks involving co-ordination more challenging, we have some very good techniques to get them well on the way to new skills.
Once everyone has learnt a basic skill, they start to pair and group people up so that they can start to combine their skills into a joint effort. How this is done depends on what skill is being taught at that moment. The workshop includes, tight rope walking, diabolo juggling, plate spinning, and ball juggling.

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