Code-Breaking Activities

Choose from a range of interactive activities such as: Code-Breaking (The clock is ticking down and the participants must quickly work out which order to pull the wires out of the ‘bomb’ to deactivate it! As with real bombs, you only have one chance at pulling them out in the right sequence so participants must be sure they have read all the clues before the start pulling wires!); Briefcase Cracking (Participants are faced with a locked combination briefcase which they have to crack into using a series of cryptic clues to ascertain the correct combination. A challenge that will test both general knowledge and specialist skill sets); Safe-Cracking (Only the best secret agents can crack into a safe under pressure! Having been issued with a variety of clues participants must work out the combination to get into a locked safe.)

Each activity takes only a few minutes to complete, allowing for everyone to get involved. We can create a Hacker Passport which each participant would be issued with and would have a box for each of the activities. Once each activity is successfully completed they would get a stamp in that box. Once the Hacker Passport has been fully completed the participant fills out their details on it and can then be entered into a winner’s prize draw that is drawn at the end of the event. You can issue whatever prizes you wish!

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