Colouring Wall Pod

Create a bespoke interactive Colouring In Photo Booth and backdrop for your next event. Colouring in books exploded into the mainstream a few years ago and last year they made up an astonishing 5 out of 10 books on Amazon’s bestseller list. Here we take the craze one step further with a bespoke Colouring In backdrop and GIF Photo Booth. The craze for adult colouring in activities has shown how we all like to release our inner child from time to time. For adults who like to immerse themselves in escapist fantasies, like colouring in books, the Colouring In Booth completely reimagines this activity as an experiential and interactive experience. A transformative colouring in wall for your event. Tiny black and white printed shapes transform into a burst of colour that will not only create unique photo opportunities but have the ability to transform into a striking piece of art.

  • Bullet Point Height restrictions apply
  • Bullet Point Inside performance only
  • Bullet Point Size restrictions apply

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