Deconstructed Gin and Tonic

Our deconstructed Gin & Tonic is like nothing you will have tried before. We have altered the molecular structure of the classic drink to produce a deconstructed cocktail. Forget the glassware, ice and liquids & prepare for a powder, pipet and Edible Fragrance blend to tingle your taste buds for a cocktail with a difference.

The experience is delivered by a Smith & Sinclair host in 3 steps either as a roaming (drinks reception) experience or at a designated station.

Macerated botanicals in the form of a white gin infused powder are provided on a teaspoon for each guest.

A droplet of tonic water is added to your teaspoon which causes the powder to fizz & fuze together to create your Gin & Tonic.

A choice of three Edible Fragrances: Cucumber, Rose, and Orange Blossom will then be offered. Once selected the perfume is spritzed in the air as the contents of the spoon is eaten creating a garnish Gin & Tonic experience like no other.

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