DJ Dylan

DJ Dylan is a young but very talented DJ, kicking things off at the age of 14 playing across many hotels and bars in Aberdeen as a function DJ, He very quickly started to get a name for himself.

At the age of 18 Dylan jumped straight into the Nightlife Scene playing venues across Aberdeen such as The Priory (Residency every Thursday night for over a year), Campus Bar, Espionage NightClub (Ongoing residency for over 2 years every Friday & Saturday night) Prohibition Bar Aberdeen ( Holding down a residency on a Tuesday night for 2 years and every Monday and Thursday for just over a year). While all this is going on he also plays one off gigs in the likes of Revolution Bar & Siberia Vodka Bar.

Playing to whatever crowd is in Dylan is a very multi genre’d open format DJ, Competing with some of the top DJ’s in Aberdeen.
Playing all styles of Hip Hop, R&B, Dance, House, Party & Cheese, Dylan never fails to keep the party rocking!

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