DJ Graeme Ross

Graeme creates tailored soundtracks for all types of events. From hip hop, funk, soul, R&B, pop, house, techno and electronica to jazz, rock n roll, 80s, disco, classical, folk, metal and more… He creates DJ sets and playlists on a theme – automotive related Dj sets for private parties in multi-storey car parks; a live DJ soundtrack for a Russian silent movie Man With A Movie Camera (created with sounds and music solely from the former Soviet Union); wildlife and insect related sounds for a London Wetlands performance and more. If you want a memorable soundtrack to your event – he can craft it for you.

Over the past 25+years he’s been collecting music and running a number of very varied nights from 50s Rock n Roll – Rock n Rolio and the weird and avant garde Radioolio to the multi-genre Dear Boss. He’s been a guest DJ at nights like Solid Steel and I Love Acid and the resident DJ at mind-bending rock night Cosmic Carnage. He was also one half of the infamous b*st*rd pop duo Frenchbloke & Son and have produced a variety of sounds and albums under various other monikers and hosted regular radio shows on

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