DJ Melody Kane

Melody Kane is one of BBC 1Xtra’s most sought after DJs, who can be seen performing at major clubs and festivals at home in the UK, and all over the world.
Melody Kane started her career DJing in her hometown of Brighton. After finding success on local radio, Kane made the move to London and began her path to international stardom. After taking up shifts on pirate and community radio stations, Melody had the chance to provide a guest mix for BBC Radio 1Xtra, an opportunity too exciting to miss.
A few years later, and Melody Kane is one of 1Xtra’s most popular regular presenters. She provides her own unique blend of on-air personality and serious club DJ, which embeds the airwaves with her infectious energy. In January 2018, Kane’s hard work paid off, and she started presenting her own 1Xtra show, taking listeners on a journey through music from around the world.
Whether she’s in the club or in the studio, Melody Kane has built a reputation for being focused and dedicated to her craft, always making the best selections, crafting the finest mixes, and giving listeners–at home and on the dancefloor–the time of their lives.

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