DJ Nick

Nick is an accomplished club and radio DJ, born & raised in London. Having curated club nights in London for half a decade and hosted radio shows on NTS, Radar & Balamii, Nick’s new show on Keakie has a focus on underground music from the UK and the wider diaspora. Described as an open format DJ, Nick likes to read a crowd and react to his audience. With a solid grounding in Hip-Hop, R&B, UKG, Grime & Afrobeat, Bam is also comfortable playing Rare Soul, Disco, Detroit House & Brazilian Boogie. Having worked in record stores since his teens, Nick has amassed an impressive record collection containing many classic floor fillers and forgotten gems. During a set, one can expect to be taken on a musical journey, where many different styles are mixed seamlessly together. You can find the tall and stylish DJ shutting down dance floors in London clubs every week, as well as further afield.

  • Bullet Point Production required
  • Bullet Point Various performance times available

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