DJ Pederson

The Copenhagen-born House music aficionado has been crossing the coordinates of Deep, Tech and House music since he began his musical heritage some 15 years ago. Having grown up in five different countries, Per has been exposed to a vast variety of different music genres, styles and cultures, from which he draws his inspiration, resulting in a wide-ranging record collection and production skill set.

Part of a new breed of DJs, Pederson’s determination, relentless work ethic and prolific energy has propelled his career forward. Whether it is opening, prime-time or after-show, Pederson’s intuition for the crowd and location, proves each time again that he lives for his profession. His DJ sets are full of energy, fuelled by in-depth knowledge and an innate ability to guide the crowd. Behind the booth, he is no stranger to a quality bill, featuring at London’s Ministry of Sound and EGG, Ibiza’s Eden and Pacha, among many other prevalent clubs and festivals around Europe and the White Isle. His passion for both the music and the industry is infallible and pace the way for a bright future for this Danish talent.

  • Bullet Point Production required
  • Bullet Point Various performance times available

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