DJ Rees

Hailing from the South Coast of the UK, Rees began life as a DJ spinning Drum & Bass at house parties, warehouse raves and local club. It wasn’t long before Rees‘ musical tastes developed and he began to experiment with other genres of music, especially House, R’n’B & Hip-Hop, expanding his appeal. His first commercial gigs included Tiger Tiger, Drift Bar and Liquid & Envy in Portsmouth and Rees soon became a regular fixture in Portsmouth’s clubbing scene, attracting attention from local clubbers and fellow DJs alike. It wasn’t long before Rees was given the opportunity to DJ in Marbella, Spain in 2011. He started the summer spinning his eclectic song selection for his first two residencies at Tibu Banus and Pangea. It was here that after only a few months his passion for music and technical skills were noticed. He was offered the opportunity to be in charge of the music at Marbella’s notorious News Cafe, Aqwa Mist & Sala Beach. It was here that Rees cemented his name as one of Marbella’s top DJs and he was in high demand for the following two seasons.

  • Bullet Point Production required
  • Bullet Point Power required
  • Bullet Point Various performance times available

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