DJ Rosie


ROSIE moves to a beat very much of her own.

Born and raised in England, she has circled the globe as a highly acclaimed International Celebrity DJ with a number of residencies, predominantly for Nikki Beach – the world’s premier luxury beach club brand.

Both spinning and producing has led Rosie to work with many other world-class DJ’s and producers from Bob Sinclar to Joey Negro, and she has entertained high calibre audiences including a galaxy of stars from Jay-Z, Beyonce to Sir Richard Branson.

With a truly unique style, Rosie has an evident love of music and multiple genres that showcase the international influences she’s acquired from playing in Miami, New York, London, Egypt, Italy, Spain, Thailand and the Caribbean.

More than a DJ, Rosie produces unique mixes that set her noticeably above her peers, and is constantly adding to her collection along with original tracks thanks to lyric writing and her distinct voice.

In London she is a regular sight in the many private members and high-end clubs such as Annabels and is well-known face on the international music scene.
The choice of excellence – Rosie is frequently chosen to provide the soundtrack to high-end brands from Lambourghini to Red Bull, noted for her ability to understand and accentuate any brand concept.

From intoxicating soulful lounge beats to exhilarating, heart-thumping dance anthems, whenever she plays, her mission is clear; to ensure that everyone loves what they hear and WANTS to MOVE!

  • Bullet Point Production required
  • Bullet Point Various performance times available

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