Drumming Workshop

Our workshops will consist of a world-class performer with 30 drums who will conduct mini 10-15 minute interactive sessions will be run throughout the three hours he will remain on site, with short breaks in between.

The drumming sessions will be run on an opt-in, opt-out basis where attendees on the day can feel free to step in and learn how to play a drum and create music with their fellow ‘festival’ goers. Each person will receive a drum to play and actively partake in the show which is facilitated by our drummer.

Drumming has been used for centuries as a means to bring people together in celebration, connect with one another, celebrate successes, signify important events…perfectly aligned for the theme of the day. The invigorating and infectious drum beats will be heard throughout the day by all. Passers-by will be encouraged to toe tap or dance along if they wish.

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