Easter Egg Making – Virtual Workshop

Guests make and decorate their own chocolate eggs.

We post out kits in advance of the activity containing everything needed. Guests will receive reusable egg moulds, chocolate, a thermometer (to achieve the perfect temper), piping bags and sprinkles (to decorate their eggs with) and cellophane bags with ribbons.

Hosted by our expert chocolatier in the virtual chocolate factory, guests will be guided through each step. First they wil learn how to perfectly temper their chocolate, so that is has a good snap and irrististable shine, before pouring it into the moulds.

While the chocolate is setting, guests then make their sweeties to go inside. We will demonstrate how to pipe chocolate buttons, Easter shapes and jazzles.

Your guests then seal the hand made sweeties inside the chocolate egg and add the finishing touches by piping a personalised message in white chocolate and wrapping the finished egg in a cellophane bag with ribbon.

At the end of the activity guests will have a beautiful hand made chocolate egg to keep or give as a gift. They can also reuse the mould so they can make more chocolate eggs later if they would like to.

Participants: Up to 100

Lead Time: 2 Weeks

Duration: 1.5 hours

Event Includes: Expert host, Green screen virtual chocolate factory, Posted kit containing moulds, chocolate, gloves, thermometer, piping bags, greaseproof paper, white chocolate, sprinkles, cellophane bags and ribbons.

Guests will need: Access to the Zoom platform, Saucepan, heat proof bowl and use of hob, Cereal bowl (or similar), 2 baking trays, Wooden spoon or spatula, Kitchen scales, Access to a kitchen or space with a surface where they can look at their device while using a hob

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