Ellie Sax

An award-winning graduate of the Royal Northern College of Music, Ellie has always been an extremely versatile performer, excelling in classical, jazz and folk – both with saxophone and vocals.
Since graduating, this truly talented female saxophonist has been in great demand, performing around the world and wowing audiences in Italy, USA, Caribbean, The Maldives and Canada. She has performed for a number of world-renowned companies such as Rolls Royce, Landrover, Virgin Media, Event Magasine, High Street TV, Jaguar
and many more.
Ellie’s style of music ranges from soulful jazz tones to catchy pop licks, bringing variety to any event – private or corporate, club or wedding. She puts a unique twist on all styles of music, free-styling alongside other musicians as she weaves her melodic magic through
music with an intuitive feel.
Ellie’s Rainbow Sax is completely unique and can get any party going!

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