Operation Isolation

In these turbulent times we have taken the unprecedented decision to train the next top agents in a new environment…. Your home! So, switch off Netflix, close the fridge door and prepare to take on the challenge! The ideal Team building activity whilst working from home

Open the mission brief and you have begun a race to see who would make the ultimate Spy!

Your mission should you choose to accept it……

Code Breaking challenge:

A challenge to decipher a series of cryptic clues to work out the correct sequence of wires to disconnect an electronic ‘bomb’. Tension builds as the clock ticks down!

Agents In Disguise:

Agents (that’s you!) must get as many selfies/photographs as possible from the list of disguises. Using your imagination, go ‘under-cover’ and create the best covert costumes from what you find in your vicinity.

Safe Cracking:

Only the best secret agents can crack a safe under pressure….. using the following clues you must work out the correct combination to crack into the safe…. Easy right?

The challenge will take approximate one hour to complete. The clock is ticking…. the person to send correct answers in the fastest time will be crowned the Spy Master!!

Great for Virtual teambuilding while in quarantine

Minimum booking 20 people

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