Eye Art Experience

Have you ever looked closely at your own eye? If you do, you will discover a fascinating galaxy of pattern and colour which is completely unique to you!

With patented technology developed by a National Geographic photographer, the Eye Art Experience is not to be missed. A professional photographer will take an up close photo of your eye, and provide you with amazing facts about our iris (did you know that your iris is more unique then you fingerprint?). The onsite team will then transform your eye into a stunning piece of art, which can be printed as a keepsake, transformed into a custom art piece, or even printed onto tote bags or mugs.

The Eye Art Experience is thrilling and memorable, and participants leave with an irreplaceable personalised souvenir which they’ll treasure and share.

Additional Services:

All the eye images from an event can be used to create a stunning piece of bespoke large-format art, depicting for example a shape or logo.

Data Capture:
A tablet collects data from everybody photographed and shares it with you, the host, including contact details, survey questions and GDPR consent.

eye match; identify your eye to win a prize; or watch your and your fellow guests’ eyes being projected onto the wall to guess what word they’ll spell out.

All images can be branded for maximum offline and online exposure during and after an event.

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