Foot Juggling by Gina

Gina was born in her grandfather`s “ three-ring-circus “, Franz Althoff,
which, at that time was the biggest travelling show in Europe and so
beheld the fascinating, glitters lights of show-business for the very
first time.
Today she is an artist and in the 8th generation of her family.
Even though the performance has always has been a family tradition, Gina became wholeheartedly enthusiastic about the art of foot-juggling.
Since 1985 she has gained a lot of respect with her own
unconventional, modern and perfected performance in the world of experts and has fascinated her audience in many countries of our globe.
Since 2008 she has presented her new foot-juggling- act, which the press describe as: “Whirlwind Gina Althoff… appeared as a fresh
summer-breeze and was a rejoiced superlative, as she presented
her topical, vivacious foot-juggling”.

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