Football Simulator

Have you ever dreamt of taking the winning shot against a goalkeeper? That dream can now come true with the help of our football simulator that has proved to be a firm favourite for all football fans alike. Despite the simulator being straight forward to use, every time playing it is as enjoyable as the last. The simulator has interactive crowd noises, which add to the realism of the game and makes for a thrilling way to see if you can hold your nerve as if you were really standing on the pitch. The simulator gives the player the opportunity to challenge the keeper to penalties and free kicks, so you can put your skills to the test and see if your technique could be good enough for a position on the England squad.

When you take your free kick, our simulator can measure the power behind your shot, so you can examine the speed and accuracy, and either maintain or alter your style accordingly for when you step foot on grass or artificial turf in a real game situation. Regardless of your experience playing football, our football simulator is still great fun! With multiple modes of play and 3 skill levels, the difficulty can be altered depending on the ability of the player, so everyone can get involved!

With only the goalkeeper to beat, players can choose between the 5 keep characters to compete against. The post-game analysis is a particularly popular aspect of the simulator, as players can watch their performance back and change their method to improve their play. The high score tracking feature makes the game more competitive, as players take on each other to find the ultimate champion! One of the most exciting features of the simulator is that either 1 or 2 players can be play, making the competition more thrilling as it encourages people to watch the two players to see who is the most skilled out of the two.

  • Bullet Point Production required
  • Bullet Point Power required
  • Bullet Point H&S restrictions apply
  • Bullet Point Height restrictions apply
  • Bullet Point Inside performance only
  • Bullet Point Various performance times available
  • Bullet Point Size restrictions apply
  • Bullet Point Rigging required

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