Home For Quizmas – Virtual Quiz

Hosted by our flamboyant game show host, from how virtual winter wonderland, we bring one of our most popular events to your living room!

Guests compete in the special “Stay at Home” version of our Quizmas event by using Zoom where they can be arranged into teams. Between each round teams can then meet in virtual breakout rooms to privately confer before submitting their answers via email.

Festive rounds include a selection of Christmas themed challenges such as guess the Christmas Intro, Christmas Movie Observation Round and a Secret Santa of famous faces hidden behind beards.

We then ramp up to the physical “Task Master” rounds where volunteers are called upon to play practical games such as “Snowdrops Keep Drawing on My Head” where participants must draw the best snowman on a piece of paper on top of their heads, “Tear It Up” where participants make the best Christmas picture by tearing a piece of paper and “Christmas Cookie” where participants use what they have to decorate a Christmas cookie (or whatever they can find in the cupboard!)

Scores are kept as we go along and the proud winners will receive our virtual pats on the back as well as some fun prizes in the post!

Location: Hosted online on Zoom

Participants: Up to 100

Lead Time: 7 Days

Duration: 1 – 2 hours

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