Inma Martinez

After a career in banking (Goldman, Sachs) and the telecoms industry (Cable & Wireless), Inma Martinez became an internationally recognised technologist for pioneering A.I. personalisation in the mobile industry and creating other disruptive digital technologies in the 2000s. Fortune and TIME have defined Inma as one of the best talents in human digital behaviour and FastCompany has labelled her a “firestarter” for her cutting edge work in innovation ranging in IoT (wearable technologies, connected cars and smart cities) and digital media (video and music streaming). Inma developed some of them in the innovation labs of tech giants (NOKIA, IBM, HP, LG, Apple) and others directly for FMCGs, automotive and luxury companies.

She is a Venture Partner at Deep Science Ventures, the UK’s first deep-tech accelerator for science-driven companies, and a technology advisor to both governments (European Union and the British Government) and global corporations in matters of digitalisation, A.I. and Automation and Big Data governance and development. She is currently an advisor to the board at the All Parliamentary Party Group on A.I. at the House of Lords, and has provided evidence at the EU Commission on A.I. and the misuse of citizen data in light of new GDPR policies. At Imperial College Business School in London, Inma is a guest lecturer at the MSc Management program, the MSc in Economics and the MSc Innovation, Entrepreneurship and Strategy.

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