Jägermeister Tricycle

The Jägermeister Tricycle, our mobile Jager Bomb Shot bar!

Made from 56 natural herbs and spices, the very distinctive tasting German beverage has certainly taken the UK by storm since its launch in 2005. In 2016 the UK consumed over 6.3 million bottles!
We wanted to capture this fantastic drink for our clients and deliver it in style. The mobile bar brings the joy of Jägermeister to your event and expands the space with an additional area for your guests to drink and socialise. Our uniformed staff and bespoke tricycle strike the perfect balance between chic and fun.
The bar has the ability to become an impressive focal point of an event with its uniqueness and tendency to bring people together.

Other tricycles available are: Candy Floss, Caramelised Roasted Nuts, Cheese, Chesnut, Churros, Cocktails, Crepes, Doughnut, Espresso, Gin, Smoothies, Snowcones, Waffles, Raclette, Hot Dog, Ice Cream, Mulled Wine, Pick and Mix, Pimms, and Popcorn.

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