Jolly Christmas Jumpers – Virtual

Hosted by our flamboyant host in his virtual grotto, guests design and create their very own creative Christmas jumper.

We’ll post out kits in advance of the e-event containing everything needed. Guests will receive a jumper, fabric paints, brushes, sewing kits and embellishments such as sequins, pipe cleaners and pompoms.

After drawing out their designs, teams then use the paints and materials to turn their plain jumper into a fabulous festive fashion accessory, or the most cringeworthy Christmas jumper they can think of!

At the end of the event, guests can present their jumpers and, as an optional competitive element, we can judge the best (or worst!) design as the winner and send out a prize in the post.

Participants: Up to 200

Duration: 1 – 2 hours

Event Includes:Expert Host, Green screen virtual grotto, Posted kit containing jumper, fabric paints, brushes and decorations, Fun prizes if required

Guests will need: Access to the Zoom platform and access to a space with a surface where they can look at their device while working on their projects

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