Face and Body Painter

Kate works predominantly as a professional face and body painter and is mostly known for her detailed and illustrative airbrush work on the body, as well as her creative makeup and ‘on the job’ face painting designs produced at an impeccable speed. Be it from providing a premium quality face painting service for guests or VIPS from children to adults, or be it working with live performers to create a feast for the eyes and bring art to life!

With a variety of awards and accolades under her belt, she is used to demoing and teaching in front of crowds at events up and down the country and is used to working with general public, professional models and dancers in fast paced environments. Her skills also extend to mural and scenic art, creating standout set pieces for events and attractions to help create an immersive experience enjoyed by thousands.

Kate can work either individually, or is well connected with some of the best face and body painters and makeup artists in the UK to help create a strong elite team of artists that can excel your expectations.

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