Let It Glow – Neon Sign Making Workshop

Guests let their imaginations run wild and show their individual personality by designing and creating their own bespoke neon-style sign using light-up electroluminescent wire.

Each person will have the freedom to create their own design, from selecting and painting the background colour to choosing their image design, colour and shape.

Our expert team will be on hand with hints and tips to help guests achieve their designs and realise their ideas so that everybody can exceed their own expectations and take home a project to be proud of.

The art of shaping and fixing the wire is extremely therapeutic and guests can relax whilst taking part in this mindful activity. The group can enjoy the shared experience of learning a new skill together while coming up with their own personalised projects.

At the end of the activity, we’ll dim the lights and display everyone’s glowing works of art! As an optional competitive element, we can judge a winner and award a prize.

Participants: 5 – 100

Duration: 1 – 2 hours

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