Magic by Damien

Street magicians are masters of illusion, perfecting their craft on an unsuspecting public audience, hence the name. Street magic is a brand of magic which is up close and personal and creates an intimate dynamic with the audience. It is also known as table magic or close up magic in other circles. This makes it perfect for events such as after dinner entertainment where the magician weaves his way around the tables wowing your guests.
The nature of street magic allows your guests to become a part of the show, making it a more memorable experience. Damien regularly performs close up magic routines in intimate settings including card and coin tricks, using the techniques of sleight of hand and flourishes. Street magic is more about skill than illusion as they are so close to you when performing their routines.
A street magician will create an extra dimension to your event; one which is likely to be the talking point for the rest of your event. Street magic is a contemporary, mind blowing brand of magic that will keep your guests engaged and mesmerised. They are versatile and flexible and capable of performing to wedding, party and even corporate audiences.

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