Master of Tasks – Easter Eggstravaganza

Hosted by our flamboyant game show host, in the virtual TV studio, we bring our “Easter Special” of one of our most popular events to your living room!

Lovingly inspired by the TV show “Task Master”, guests compete in some ridiculous fun activities using Zoom, where they can be arranged into teams.

Volunteers from each team are then called upon to take part in the activities. Rounds include a selection of practical, Easter themed challenges that use household items such as:

“Tear it Up” – teams create a picture of the Easter bunny by tearing a piece of paper

“Easter Bonnet” – teams use whatever they can find in the house to fashion the best Easter bonnet

“Daylight Saving” – teams show evidence of the Easter bunny by somehow producing a picture of its shadow

“Egg on Your Face” – teams race to manoeuvre chocolate egg (or any chocolate or biscuit!) into their mouths without using their hands

“Eggheads” – teams draw an Easter picture onto a piece of paper on top of their heads

“Easter Bun-knee” – teams somehow make their knees look like a famous person and we must guess the celebri-knee!

“Going Out Out – Easter Parade” – teams create an outfit fit for an Easter parade by putting on as many clothes as they can find!

Each game requires some creative thinking to interpret the brief and teams can come up with some amazing (and often hilarious) practical solutions to each challenge we set them.

Scores are kept as we go along and the proud winners will receive our virtual pats on the back as well as some fun prizes in the post!

Participants: Up to 100

Duration: 1 – 1.5 hours

Event Includes: Costumed Game Show Host, Green Screen Virtual Game Show Studio and two Technical Operators

Guests will need: Access to the Zoom platform

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