Matt Pickpocket

Matt will astonish your friends/families and keep them roaring with laughter…
Matt Windsor is an exceptional sleight of hand magician. He has been the resident match-day magician at Manchester United for 19 years. He has entertained at the famous Magic Circle HQ in London and at numerous private events for Sir Alex Ferguson, Steven Gerard, and Wayne Rooney, to name-drop a few, at international events in Dubai, Oman, Monaco, Hong Kong, Paris, Berlin, Barcelona etc. He has also brought a lot of laughter to many hundreds of weddings!
In addition to magic, Matt has some completely unique pickpocketing skills (where appropriate!). He can take someone’s tie off and put it on himself without them knowing. At weddings he often gets the groom to put on his friends’ watch/tie – it is an amazing moment when someone realises he is wearing them, and something that can be talked about for years to come! A truly memorable edition to your party.

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