Medieval Mayhem

With knights, castles, jousting and a trebuchet siege, teams complete a multitude of medieval team building activities in the quest to be the best!

Teams complete medieval themed team building challenges to earn ammunition. The better their performance in the team games, the more ammo they will have to use against the other teams in the final siege!

Teams then build their castles and decipher the ye olde building instructions in order to assemble their trebuchet siege engine. To achieve the best throwing distance they must experiment with different factors such as arm length, pivot position, counterweight and release angle.

Once built, they proudly display their team flags and intimidate their rivals by decreeing their superiority with some fighting talk. They must then use their best throwing technique to annihilate their opponents’ castles in the battle of all battles!

Location: Outdoors

Participants: 10 – 100 (5-8 guests per team, Even number of teams)

Duration: 2½ – 3 hours

Venue Requirements: 1 hour set up time and 6 tables (round or trestle)

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