Cocktail Mist Orb

The Mist Orb is the showstopper for all events. Up to 80% of our taste is determined by what we smell. Our bespoke vapour orbs provide a highly dramatic and inhalable mist which can be delivered as a cocktail (with alcohol), a sweet or savoury food or a emotive scent.

One of our fun and friendly hosts will be on hand to set up and deliver the experience throughout your event. They will create your inhalable cocktail or delicacy, a dry ice flavour explosion, which not only provides a flavour sensation, but also provides an great photo moment for your guests to share.

Previous cocktails (mocktail alternatives of the below are also offered during the event) served include: Pornstar Martini, Mojito, Absinthe, Amaretto Sour and G&T.

If you are looking for something a little different flavour wise. previous examples include: Sweet & Sour Chicken, Chocolate Pudding, Mint Mouthwash, Moroccan Spiced Coffee and The Ocean and Christmas (Yes, we made that happen!)

If you’re also interested in adding a bespoke touch, there are opportunities to add your logo in the form of a vinyl sticker to the LED Mist Orb plinths

  • Bullet Point Power required

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