Norvil and Josephine

Norvil & Josephine is a theatrical and entertaining world-class magic double act also featuring singing and acrobatics. It’s the show of a debonair magician, his feisty assistant, and the comical play between the two of them. This award-winning act turns the idea of the dutiful assistant on its head with its contemporary twist on the stylish age of Vaudeville shows.

Your show will be designed to suit your space. It can include Josephine being cut in half, a table floating above the stage, and as a finale the two performers, in spite of impossible chains and locks, change places and swap costumes in three seconds! The acrobatics can be either contortion or aerial hoop, depending on venue. Norvil & Josephine deliver magical laughs that’ll send your audience away amazed with smiles on their faces.

  • Bullet Point Production required

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