On Board – Charity Event

OnBoard is one of our newest team challenges and is fast becoming one of our most popular. The aim of this challenge is to assemble and artwork a number of skateboards that will be donated to a children’s charity or social inclusion project.

Whilst skateboarding is a relatively inexpensive past time access is still inhibited by the ability to acquire a skateboard. We aim to provide free boards to individuals through community and charity relationships.

What makes OnBoard so appealing is its flexibility- it can be extended or shortened to suit your team’s particular needs. It can work as anything from a short 90 minute activity to a 3 hour long team building session, to a CSR event service. It’s even been used for an evening networking session accompanied by drinks!

Many of the skateboards built in this challenge have been donated to social inclusion projects through Barnardo’s, for young carers, children living in poverty, and children with disabilities.

Working in teams of 6, you will be given the task of decorating 2 skateboards, one blank and one templated. The session normally lasts around 2 hours but can be changed depending on your requirements.

The blank board allows participants to be creative, designing unique custom artwork. Influence can be taken from our inspiration pack and they can practice their designs on our sheets given! Get your creative juices flowing!

If members of your team are less creatively inclined, do not fret. Our templated board comes in 2 designs and is there for those who are a little less confident in their artistic capabilities, meaning all the team is involved!

Once the boards are completed they must be built. You will be given a set of trucks, wheels, a skateboard tool and some instructions. Your next challenge will be to assemble the boards within the short time frame given, but will they pass our safety check?

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