Phil Jerrod

The first thing you notice about Phil Jerrod is the quite alarming amount of face-foliage that clings to his chin. You’d expect the possessor of a look like that to be an out-and-out comedy oddball, but it turns out that behind the beard is a more conventional kind of comic, albeit one whose instinctive mastery of his form immediately marks him out as one to watch. Jerrod’s humour is straightforwardly observational, dealing in stories about his middle-class background, his working life and, yes, his beard; stories that are immediately relatable, concerning subjects that are familiar go-tos for many young comics. What distinguishes him is the casual brilliance of his writing, rolling out inspired gags and exhibiting incredible fluency throughout. We’re sure to see him on our TV screens soon; his mix of accessibility and originality means he’s tailor-made for the panel shows of 201

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