Pimms Tricycle

Our Union Jack covered Pimm’s Tricycle holds 55 litres of ice as well as chills the lemonade and Ginger Beer. The bespoke glasses have been etched with a Union Jack and the strawberries, cucumber, apple, orange, mint and lemon displayed in glass containers, with a wicker basket on the back to hold the uncut fruit and spare glasses. There is also an option of Winter Pimms which is garnished with apples and oranges.

Other tricycles available are: Candy Floss, Caramelised Roasted Nuts, Cheese, Chesnut, Churros, Cocktails, Crepes, Doughnut, Espresso, Gin, Smoothies, Snowcones, Waffles, Raclette, Hot Dog, Ice Cream, Jager, Mulled Wine, Pick and Mix, and Popcorn.

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  • Bullet Point Size restrictions apply

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