Roller Coaster Ride Racer

Fast-paced fun guaranteed with a unique, collaborative activity. Participants start by completing challenges to earn their materials, then teams must figure out how to construct a roller coaster using only rods and cable ties. Creativity, logistical problem solving and co-ordination all plays a part to propel a football along the track, with additional competitive options to race for fastest times. The activity concludes with all teams joining to construct a mega roller coaster and work together to co-ordinate movements and launch as many footballs as they can along the track!


· Instructors and activity equipment

· Indoors only

· Participants 10 – 200+

· Suggested Team Size 5-8 guests

· Duration 1 – 3 hours

Venue Requirements:

· 1 hour set up time

· 1 x table & chairs per team (depending on number of teams and chosen activities)

· 3 x trestle tables for equipment

· Access to 13 amp plug socket (extension leads provided)

  • Bullet Point Power required
  • Bullet Point Inside performance only

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