Sculpture Time

Learn professional sculpture techniques to create unique keepsakes, with a vast selection of materials available including paper maché, fabrics, plastics, cardboard, foam and recycled scraps. Sculptures can then be decorated with paints, pens, sequins and many more embellishments or bits and bobs.
Competitive options include prizes for winning teams or can be run as a collaborative workshop-style event, exercising ultimate creativity and exploring new skills.


· Instructors and activity equipment

· Indoors only

· Participants 1 – 100+

· Suggested Team Size 5-8 guests

· Duration 1 – 4 hours

Venue Requirements:

· 1 hour set up time

· 1 x table & chairs per team (depending on number of teams and chosen activities)

· 3 x trestle tables for equipment

· Access to 13 amp plug socket (extension leads provided)

  • Bullet Point Power required
  • Bullet Point Inside performance only

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